About Us

As residents of Koh Samui we have discovered some of the most beautiful places on and around the island. We started to provide tours so you can visit Samui in unique way’s and we would love to share these experience with you.

The best way to get deep inside the island is definitely the by motorbike if you can ride or by Quad bike for those who can’t. To explore the ocean and its magnificent islands there’s no better why than by Jetski. We have put together some unique and customized tours and can tailor tours and packages to suit each individual or group. Our excursion are very well-organized, with small groups and superb machines.

Our tours are not just fast and extreme we also take a slow pace to explore the sights at your speed and comfort separating the adrenalin junkies with the mellow minded soaking in all the natural beauty.

The professional guides will keep a reasonable pace to make you discover Koh Samui’s different pathways, its stunning jungle, amazing viewpoints, magnificent waterfalls, beaches, wildlife and nature.

With both Thai guides and Western staff, combining our culture and knowledge, the team will guide and give you helpful information and knowledge throughout the trip.

If you would like to know more about us, feel free to contact us, we are happy to answer your questions.

Michael Davids
Owner / Manager

Arnon Wita
Owner / Manager