2 Island Adventure Safari

Day 1. Pick up from your port of entry and take you to your hotel, depending on your time of your arrival we will meet with you for dinner and tell you about your tour and what the island has to offer. (option for pick up from Bangkok and 1 night in the city)

Day 2. Let us show you what this island has to offer…..This tour can be tailored for beginners and experienced riders that want to explore the island and sights for an unforgettable experience on 2 wheels. You will ride a mix of road and off road around the island stopping at viewpoint’s, waterfalls, temples and local attractions. You will be swimming or relaxing at Na Muang Waterfall soaking up the sounds of the jungle. Traditional Thai lunch will be served at a famous view point. Visiting the various sights and attractions such as the Dusit Dhewa Cultural Centre, Paradise Park, Magic Garden and Hin Ta Hin Yai (Mumma and Puppa rock). Returning via the shortcut through the middle of the island back to hq avoiding peak hour traffic and soaking up the views.

Day 3. Leaving early to get the 8.30am ferry to Koh Phangan from Lipanoi where we will tour the island on road and off road finding the hidden waterfalls, temples, and unspoilt views from the highest points. Stopping at the famous Bottle Beach for lunch, Dome Sila View Point, Phaeng waterfall and Thran Prawet waterfall. Return to hotel and prepare for a night out in Thong Sala or any seasonal festivals.

Day 4.  Catch the 1pm ferry back to Koh Samui. (option to stop at the Thai cultural museum on the way back to HQ) Transfer to hotel.

Day 5. Transfers to port.

Water, Breakfast and lunch included

Package Prices include Hotels and Transfers for 4 nights at a Beach Resort of your choice

2* hotel 27,000 thb
3* hotel 31,500 thb
4* hotel 39,000 thb
5* hotel 78,500 thb
Hydration Pack for sale 400 thb

Go Pro for Hire incl. 8gb Memory Card 1,000 thb